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The Biggest Digital Nomad Community-Citizen Remote reviews 2024


Citizen Remote reviews 2024,The Biggest Digital Nomad Community

What is Citizen Remote?

Citizen Remote is a comprehensive platform designed to support digital nomads and remote workers in their journey to live and work abroad. Founded with the vision of building a borderless world, Citizen Remote aims to simplify the process of moving to a new country for remote workers by offering a wide range of services and resources. From securing visas to finding accommodation and managing insurance, Citizen Remote is dedicated to making the transition to a nomadic lifestyle as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Citizen Remote

Key Features

– **Visa Assistance**: Citizen Remote provides specialized tools and services to help users navigate the visa application process, offering consultations with experts and the option to work directly with immigration lawyers.
– **Accommodation**: The platform assists users in finding mid to long-term rentals tailored to their needs, making it easier to settle into their new location.
– **Insurance**: In partnership with World Trips, Citizen Remote offers adjustable and affordable global health insurance, easily managed through the app.
– **Community**: Citizen Remote fosters a global network of like-minded individuals, providing opportunities for users to connect with other remote workers and digital nomads worldwide.
– **Safety Net Abroad**: The platform emphasizes safety and security for remote workers abroad, offering tailored insurance solutions and a trusted brand partnership with Tokio Marine HCC group.Citizen Remote


– **Simplified Relocation**: Citizen Remote streamlines the relocation process, making it easier for remote workers to move abroad and start their nomadic journey.
– **Comprehensive Support**: From visas to villas, the platform offers a one-stop solution for all aspects of moving abroad, providing peace of mind and support throughout the process.
– **Community Engagement**: By joining Citizen Remote, users become part of a global family that understands their lifestyle and shares their goals, fostering a sense of belonging and support.Citizen Remote


Citizen Remote is a vital resource for anyone looking to embrace the digital nomad life. Its comprehensive suite of services, combined with a supportive community, makes it an invaluable tool for remote workers planning to move abroad. Whether you’re just starting your journey or an experienced digital nomad, Citizen Remote is designed to help you navigate the exciting world of location independence faster and more efficiently.

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