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Best Places to Live for Digital Nomads-Nomad List reviews 2024


Nomad List reviews 2024,Best Places to Live for Digital Nomads

What is Nomad List?

Nomad List is a comprehensive platform designed to assist remote workers and digital nomads in finding the best places around the world to live, work, and travel. It aggregates vast amounts of data on various aspects of living in different cities, including cost of living, climate, safety, and internet speed. Beyond serving as a data-rich resource, Nomad List also functions as a vibrant community for digital nomads, facilitating connections and interactions among its members.

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Nomad List

Key Features

– **Climate Finder**: Helps users discover the best times to visit different countries and cities based on temperature, air quality, and humidity.
– **Nomad List Meetups**: Organizes real-life gatherings for remote workers and digital nomads to connect, making it less isolating to be part of this lifestyle.
– **Fastest-Growing Cities**: Identifies the cities experiencing the most growth, providing insights into popular and emerging destinations for remote work.
– **Best Places to Live**: Aggregates user feedback to rank the best places to live and work, offering detailed information on cost of living, culture, and more.
– **Friend Finder**: Connects users with others who share similar interests or are working remotely in the same area.
– **Community Chats**: Offers Discord and Slack channels for open discussions and networking among thousands of digital nomads.Nomad List

Benefits of Joining Nomad List

– **Access to Valuable Information**: Provides detailed data and insights from real people working and traveling remotely, aiding in informed decision-making.
– **Community Engagement**: Offers a platform for learning from others, asking questions, and meeting new people with similar interests.
– **Data-Driven Decisions**: Utilizes numerous data points and statistics to help users make informed choices about where to travel and live.

Who Should Use Nomad List?

– **Remote Workers and Digital Nomads**: Anyone interested in the digital nomad lifestyle or considering remote work should find Nomad List beneficial.
– **Travelers Seeking Remote Work Opportunities**: Individuals looking for places to live and work remotely will find the platform’s data and community resources invaluable.Nomad List

Ownership and Tech Stack

– **Owned by Pieter Levels**: A solopreneur and digital nomad who has significantly contributed to the remote work community through various platforms.
– **Tech Stack**: Built using HTML, CSS, JS with jQuery for the frontend and PHP with SQLite for the backend, hosted on a single VPS running Ubuntu with NGINX.


Nomad List stands out as a crucial resource for remote workers and digital nomads, offering a wealth of information and a supportive community. Its data-driven approach to finding the best places to live and work, combined with its community-building features, makes it an essential tool for anyone embracing the digital nomad lifestyle.

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