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What is solidwp?

SolidWP is a brand that has evolved from iThemes, focusing on providing essential tools and services for WordPress websites. The brand is known for its emphasis on security, backups, website maintenance, and training.

solidwp official site: https://solidwp.com/


providing products

1.Solid Security

Shield your site from cyberattacks and prevent security vulnerabilities

Secure your site. Protect your business.

Defend your site against the most common vulnerabilities on WordPress.

  • Custom user login security requirements
  • Brute force protection
  • Two-factor authentication and passkeys
  • Patchstack Integration, includes virtual patching (Pro)

2.Solid Backups

Safely store your site with automated backups and one click restore

Formerly BackupBuddy, Solid Backups has been protecting WordPress sites since 2010.

Protect and deploy small or large networks of sites with secure offsite backups quickly and conveniently.
Reliable insurance against server crashes, site hacks, user errors, and malware infections.
Stash backups safely in our cloud or yours (1GB Free).
Schedule and send backup archives to the destination of your choice.


3.Solid Central

Maximize and amplify your admin with remote multi-site management

Formerly iThemes Sync, Solid Central lets you manage multiple website with ease.

Perform any WordPress admin function on any site from one central location
Get daily reports to keep WordPress updated and secure
Bulk Install Themes and Plugins From WordPress.org or Zip Upload
Customize multiple client experiences


4.Solid Suite

~ Solid Security v Solid Backups ~ Solid Central Solid Academy


feature pros and cons

1. **Brand Identity**: SolidWP is the rebranded identity of iThemes, which was initially known for its WordPress themes but has since become recognized for its critical plugins and services. The rebranding reflects the company’s expanded focus on providing a comprehensive suite of products for WordPress site management and security. [3]
2. **Product Offerings**: SolidWP consists of several key products:
– **Solid Security**: A security plugin designed to protect WordPress sites from various threats and attacks, offering features like intrusion detection, malware scanning, and spam detection. [4][5]
– **Solid Backups**: A plugin that enables the creation and restoration of WordPress site backups, ensuring data protection and recovery options. [6]
– **Solid Central**: A service that allows centralized management of multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, facilitating updates, monitoring, and security checks. [7]
– **Solid Academy**: Offers training and courses for WordPress users and developers to enhance their skills and get the most out of their WordPress websites. [7]
3. **Security Focus**: SolidWP takes a proactive approach to WordPress security, aiming to prepare, prevent, and detect security incidents to minimize their impact on websites. [4]
4. **Backup and Recovery**: The backup solutions provided by SolidWP are designed to be automatic, offsite, and easy to manage, ensuring that website owners can quickly restore their sites in case of data loss or breaches. [6]
5. **Centralized Management**: With Solid Central, website owners can efficiently manage updates, monitor site performance, and maintain security across all their WordPress sites from one place. [7]
6. **Educational Resources**: Solid Academy provides valuable training resources, including live webinars and courses on WordPress basics, themes, plugins, and security, to help users at all levels improve their WordPress proficiency. [7]
7. **Customer Trust**: SolidWP has built a reputation for high-quality products and top-notch support, earning the trust of thousands of businesses worldwide. [10][12]
8. **Rebranding**: The shift from iThemes to SolidWP was a strategic move to better align the brand with its current offerings and the needs of its customers. [3][16]

SolidWP is part of a larger ecosystem of WordPress products and services, aiming to provide a solid foundation for any WordPress website. The brand’s commitment to security, maintenance, and education underscores its position as a trusted partner for WordPress users and professionals.

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