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Find the best remote job, working as a developer, customer support rep, product or sales professional-Remotive


Remotive,Find the best remote job, working as a developer, customer support rep, product or sales professional

What is Remotive?

Remotive is a remote job board platform that specializes in connecting employers with remote professionals, particularly in the tech industry and startups. Founded in 2014 in France, Remotive has grown to become a significant player in the remote job market, offering a variety of job postings across different sectors such as design, customer service, marketing, product management, and sales, with a notable focus on software development roles. The platform is known for its community-driven approach, aiming to facilitate the discovery of remote opportunities for tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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Key Features

– **Weekly Job Additions**: Over 100 new jobs are added weekly across various roles, with a significant portion dedicated to software development.
– **Community Engagement**: Offers the possibility to join a community Slack channel, fostering a sense of community among job seekers and employers.
– **Advanced Search Filters**: Features “search as you type” functionality for more efficient job searching.
– **Geographical Flexibility**: Allows job seekers to filter out US-based jobs if desired, catering to a global audience.
– **Company Branding**: Provides options for employers to brand their job postings with logos, enhancing visibility.Remotive


– **Specialized Focus**: Tailored towards the tech industry and startups, making it a prime destination for tech-focused remote job seekers.
– **Active Community**: The inclusion of a Slack channel and advanced search filters enhances the user experience and job search efficiency.
– **Global Reach**: With a focus on international job postings, it appeals to a wide range of remote professionals beyond just the U.S.


– **Cost**: Remotive does not offer free job postings, which may be a barrier for some employers.
– **Limited Free Trial**: Unlike some competitors, Remotive does not provide a free trial for job posting, which could limit initial exploration.
– **Listing Renewal Costs**: Listings must be renewed after 30 days, and employers are charged the full price of the posting each time they renew, which could be costly for ongoing job postings.
– **Multilingual Limitations**: The site does not offer multilingual options, potentially limiting the size of the talent pool.Remotive


Remotive offers three pricing plans: Basic ($299/month), Plus ($398/month), and Premium ($448/month). Each plan includes different features and benefits, with the Premium plan offering the most comprehensive package.

In summary, Remotive is a specialized remote job board that caters to the tech industry and startups, offering a range of features to facilitate job searches and postings. While it has its limitations, such as the absence of free job postings and multilingual options, its focus on the tech sector and community engagement make it a valuable resource for remote professionals and employers alike.Remotive

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