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Free Instagram Comment Picker and Giveaways-Rafflys reviews 2024


Rafflys reviews 2024,Free Instagram Comment Picker and Giveaways

What is Rafflys?

Rafflys is a platform that allows users to create giveaways on social media and randomly select a winning comment. It supports multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Rafflys provides various tools for running online giveaways, such as the ability to filter comments based on certain criteria, block unwanted user accounts, and ensure transparency by sharing the winners with a video and a certificate. The service is free to use for up to 600 comments per giveaway, after which users can upgrade to a paid plan if needed. Rafflys emphasizes fairness in its selection process by using a random algorithm that is transparent and verifiable.

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feature pros and cons

1. Easy to use: Rafflys provides a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to set up and run giveaways or contests.
2. Random selection: The service ensures fairness by randomly selecting winners from the pool of participants.Rafflys
3. Time-saving: Using Rafflys can save time in manually selecting winners and managing the giveaway process.
4. Customization options: Users can customize the giveaway settings to suit their specific needs and preferences.
5. Increased engagement: Running giveaways and contests through Rafflys can help increase engagement and interaction with followers on social media platforms.


1. Limited features: Some users may find that Rafflys has limited features compared to other similar services.
2. Subscription fees: There may be subscription fees or charges associated with using Rafflys for giveaways and contests.Rafflys

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