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brief introduction

Introducing Revolutionizing Search with Contextual, established in 2022, is a cutting-edge alternative to conventional search engines like Google. With a user base of 10 million monthly active users, stands out by providing contextually rich answers to user queries. official site:

Perplexity AI is an AI-chatbot-powered research and conversational search engine that answers queries using natural language predictive text. 

Unlike traditional search engines that primarily display links to webpages, operates as a chatbot that offers direct responses to questions. The chatbot cites sources from which it retrieves information, enabling users to access accurate and reliable data. Moreover, users have the option to ask follow-up questions, allowing them to delve deeper into their initial queries.

This unique feature sets apart, as it promotes an interactive and conversational search experience. By facilitating follow-up questions, users can refine their search and obtain more precise answers. This conversational approach enhances user engagement and enables individuals to explore topics in greater detail. Experience the future of search with – where answers are just a conversation away.

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