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Kadence reviews 2024,Free and Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins


Kadence reviews 2024,Free and Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

brief introduction

Kadence official site: https://www.kadencewp.com/


Kadence is a popular WordPress theme that has been reviewed by various sources for its performance, customization options, and overall user experience. Here’s a summary of the reviews based on the provided search results:

Pros of Kadence WordPress Theme:

1. **Customization**: Kadence is highly customizable, offering users extensive control over their website’s design and functionality, including a global color scheme and font controls. It also features a drag-and-drop header and footer builder.
2. **Performance**: The theme is lightweight and performance-oriented, ensuring fast load times which are beneficial for SEO and user experience.
3. **Integration**: Kadence seamlessly integrates with popular page builders like Elementor and WooCommerce, making it suitable for a variety of websites, including e-commerce stores.
4. **Starter Templates**: The theme comes with pre-designed starter templates that cater to different industries, allowing for quick setup and deployment of websites.
5. **Compatibility**: Kadence is mobile-oriented and works well with various plugins, enhancing its versatility.

Cons of Kadence WordPress Theme:

1. **Limited Customization in Free Version**: The free version of Kadence has fewer customization options compared to the premium versions.
2. **Cost of Premium Plans**: The premium plans can be expensive, which might be a barrier for beginners or users on a budget.
3. **Confusing Options**: There’s some confusion regarding the different premium options and the branding of the theme and associated plugins.
4. **Small Team**: Behind the theme is a relatively small team, which might affect the pace of support and updates.
5. **Lack of White Label Option**: The absence of a white labeling feature could be a downside for professionals who wish to rebrand the theme for client projects.

Additional Considerations:

– **Child Themes**: Kadence offers child themes that are stylish, fast, and SEO-friendly, providing additional design options for users.
– **Support**: The theme comes with extensive documentation, a FAQ page, a dedicated Facebook group, and support via a ticketing system.
– **Future Plans**: The Kadence team is transparent about their future plans and is open to community feedback, which is crucial for the continuous development of the theme.
– **Pricing**: Kadence provides a free version that is feature-rich, with the option to upgrade to the Pro version for additional features. There’s also a Full Bundle offering that includes all existing and future products.


Kadence is a well-rounded WordPress theme suitable for users who value customization and performance. Its integration capabilities and starter templates make it a convenient choice for various types of websites. While there are concerns about the cost of premium features and some confusion regarding the product offerings, the theme’s pros generally outweigh the cons, especially considering the availability of a free version that users can try with no risk.

It’s important to note that the specific needs of a website project can influence whether the pros and cons of Kadence are relevant. Users are advised to consider their particular requirements and to take advantage of the free version for an initial assessment before committing to the Pro version or any of the premium packages.


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