freelance marketplace for freelancers and companies to connect-guru reviews 2024


guru reviews 2024,freelance marketplace for freelancers and companies to connect

What is guru?

guru is a freelance marketplace that enables companies to find freelance workers for commissioned work. Founded in 1998 and initially known as, it is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The platform serves as a bridge between businesses seeking specific skills and freelancers offering those services, facilitating a wide range of work across various industries.

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feature pros and cons offers a platform for freelancers and companies to connect, with features aimed at facilitating the hiring and management of freelance work. Here are the pros and cons based on user insights and expert opinions:guru


– **Versatile Platform**: Guru serves as a comprehensive platform for both finding freelance work and hiring freelancers, catering to a wide range of industries and project types [1].
– **Helpful Categorization and Search**: Users appreciate the categorization and search feature, which aids in easily finding and verifying information, enhancing the user experience [1].
– **Analytics Availability**: The platform provides analytics, allowing users to track important metrics like views and verification dates, aiding in monitoring content performance and credibility [1].
– **Recommendations for Success**: Guru offers recommendations that guide freelancers towards success, although users may need some time to adjust to the platform’s layout and functionality [1].
– **Ideal for Freelancer Management**: Guru is praised for being an ideal place to source, hire, and manage freelancers, especially for companies that rely heavily on freelancers for their operations [2].guru


– **Website Design**: The website’s design has been criticized for being clunky and lacking aesthetic appeal, which can deter users from engaging with the platform [1].
– **Job Posting Experience**: Users have reported frustrating experiences when posting jobs, including multiple rejections and error messages, indicating a need for clearer guidelines and better customer service [1].
– **Limited Potential Customers**: Some freelancers have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited pool of potential customers, particularly in specific fields like CAD and product development [1].
– **Payment System Integration**: The payment system does not integrate with accounting software, which can be a disadvantage for businesses looking for seamless financial management [2].
– **Lack of Mobile App**: The absence of a mobile app is another drawback, making it less convenient for users on the go [2].guru


– Guru offers a free plan for employers, with a 2.9% charge on each invoice paid. Paid plans start at $11.95 per month or $8.95 per month with annual billing [2].

Conclusion provides a valuable service for companies and freelancers alike, but its effectiveness can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. While it offers useful features for managing freelance work, its website design and certain operational aspects have been identified as areas for improvement.

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