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complete business toolbox helps local businesses communicate-Emitrr reviews 2024


Emitrr reviews 2024,complete business toolbox helps local businesses communicate

What is Emitrr?

Emitrr is a complete business toolbox. Emitrr helps local businesses communicate and engage customers through text messages and automation.

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feature pros and cons

Emitrr is an all-in-one communication platform designed to enhance customer engagement for local businesses. Here’s an overview based on the provided information:

**Customer Engagement Solution**:
– Emitrr is loved by over 1000+ customers and has automated 600,000 hours of manual work, aiming to streamline the customer journey with a focus on phone, text, and chat interactions. It also provides automation for tasks like reminders, recalls, and reviews.

**Phone System**:
– The platform includes a smarter phone system that integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR)/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration results in real-time conversion metrics and reduced average handling time with screen pop features.Emitrr 

**Customer Education & Acquisition**:
– Emitrr helps attract more customers through a comprehensive platform for customer education and acquisition. Users report an annual increase of over 30% in customer base.

**Appointment Reminders**:
– The system offers automated reminders that integrate with EHR/CRM, which can significantly reduce no-shows by up to 90%.

**Reviews and Reputation Management**:
– With 92% of customers reading reviews before engaging with a business, Emitrr assists in the automatic growth of positive reviews, helping to build a strong reputation.

**Customer Communication**:
– Emitrr can reduce phone calls by 40% through powerful two-way text messaging, web chat, and social media messaging. It allows businesses to schedule appointments, collect payments, and more.

**Customer Experience**:
– The platform uplifts customer experience by integrating with EHR/CRM to automate the customer journey. It also enables businesses to measure key metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction.

**User Testimonials**:
– The platform has received positive feedback from users like Leslie Brewer, CMO at Familia Dental, who reported an 8% increase in appointments booked and a 33% increase from new patients. Dr. Joanne Reif, Owner at Crossroads Dental Arts, appreciates the product’s features and ease of use.

**Business Text Messaging Software**:
– Emitrr’s text messaging software drives 6x engagement, saves hundreds of hours by automating campaigns, and significantly improves response rates with a 98% open rate.

**Integrations and Automation**:
– The platform offers over 1000 native integrations with various EMRs and scheduling platforms to automate business workflows. It also connects to over 3000 applications via Zapier to reduce repetitive work.

**Funding and Expansion**:
– Emitrr, led by two Indian co-founders, raised $4 million in a pre-Series A round to expand its automation solutions in the U.S. market.

**User Access and App**:
– Users can access the Emitrr dashboard directly or download the Emitrr app on Android or iOS devices for 24/7 automated answering service capabilities.

**Company Profile**:
– Emitrr operates in the business services sector, offering a range of services including automated customer engagement, appointment reminders, reputation management, and customer communication.

For more detailed information or to get started with Emitrr, you can visit their official website: [Emitrr Official Website].


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